The Stacked Enchilada in Bagdad, 8/12/23

YHOG riders escaped the monsoonal moisture threatening the Quad Cities by rolling down Iron Springs Road thru Skull Valley and on into Kirkland, and with just a single right-hand turn, completed the 62-mile ride into Bagdad for a visit to a new lunch destination for our chapter: The Stacked Enchilada, which just opened this past April and features New Mexican-inspired home-style food amidst a colorful and spirited atmosphere.   It was a great ride, with much of Bagdad Highway having been resurfaced (so it was smoooooth!) and mid-day temps in Bagdad hovered around a reasonable 92 degrees.  Bring a ‘destination ride,’ members had their choice of how they wanted to return home; several members took a spirited ride back AZ-96 to AZ-89 and on into Prescott from the south, managing to stay dry amidst storm clouds moving northeast.